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About us

Sundown is a traditional Christian gaming community that holds fast to the Biblical teachings of the One True God. We are unapologetically rooted in the truths of the Word, recognizing that we are sinners in need of a Savior. We cling to our Redeemer and give Him praise as we fellowship with one another in digital realms where we commit murder, mayhem, and crimes of varying degrees.We believe that God gave us, His creation, the gift of humor.
Everyone in Sundown has this gift.
And we abuse it.
Unlike secular gaming communities though, we don't use vulgarities as a crutch for our humor. You won't find us using slurs, profanities, or the Lord's name in vain in our communications---making us an ideal fit for both believers and family-friendly unbelievers.Also. We're 100% exclusive.
Meaning that only selected applicants may join as members. Life offline can be tiresome and Sundown is meant to be, well, not that. Our community is here to fellowship, play games, have fun, and be a place to rejuvenate the Spirit through uplifting discussions, Bible studies, and Prayer groups. Also, a little bit of pixel-based murder and thievery.

Digital fellowship


Sundown's MMO home is currently Pax Dei with a handful of active members awaiting their time to enter into the alpha 2 of Ashes of Creation.If you're the type to be easily distracted or you enjoy a variety of games, then you'll find yourself among good company here. We have flavor-of-the-month games that we like to hop into. This month we're watering crops in Palia, celebrating 'MURICA in the real world, and getting to know all the new members who have joined us for Pax Dei.

Applying to Sundown


If you're interested in joining Sundown, you'll need to complete an application to join us. Just be sure you give our Constitution a look before you apply as we want to make sure that you'll be comfortable in our community before you take the time to go through the application process.After you submit your application, join the waiting room of our Discord. This will give our leadership a quick way to get into contact with you to discuss your application and it gives you the ability to chat with the community should you have any questions during the process.

Meet the community

sundown videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then prepare your peepers for a vocabulary overload with these videos of Sundown.